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Based on three classic british speakers used in Vox amps - all made in the UK! A  G12MGreenback, Blue Alnico, and a vintage 1966 Silver Alnico. All the british tone you could want! 


This pack includes:

144 single mic’d IRs from 6 different microphones in 8 different positions each.

126 of my favorite blended mic IRs.

A total of 270 different IRs.

Captured in an open back Vox 2x12.


To get started, I recommend loading a single mic'd IR with the "3" mic position (center of cone) for a balanced tone.

If you want a brighter tone, select a mic position of 2 or 1 (center of cap/speaker).

If you want darker or more bass, select 4 (edge of cone).

One of my go-to's would be the "545" mic in the "3" position - which is how most of my amps are mic'd live. For blended IR's, I love the 545 & R121 combo.


IR File Formats

Please reference the manual of your IR software/hardware loader to see which IR file format is required. File formats included in these packs are:

      Wave Audio (.wav), mono, phase-aligned files.

      24-bit resolution.

      44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz sample rates.

      200ms and 500ms lengths.


      Kemper Cab (.kipr) files are included for added convenience. 

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