Prosonic Pack

Prosonic Pack


A hidden gem, or odd ball, in the line of these american made amps. Made from 1996-2002, the Prosonic was designed and made to compete with some higher gain amps of it's time. It has a gainy dirty channel that I never use and doesn't sound that great, but the clean channel is awesome. Loaded with Custom Shop G10 Vintage speakers, It's a 6L6 american amp that breaks up with a smoother vibe of a britsh amp and compresses beautifully. It pairs awesome with an AC30 in stereo, which is how I run them. All the profiles in this pack were captured through the clean channel, with the selectible rectifier in the Class-A setting, using a Shure 545 - which is the mic we use for all Bethel Music albums and live events. The amp is loaded with JJ tubes with a 5751 in place of a 12ax7 in V1.


Along with the clean and dirty (clean channel breaking up) profiles of the amp itself, I captured profiles with ALL of my drives and fuzzes (and some compression) on my pedalboard for you to use as well. The Kemper doesn't quite capture fuzz tones acurately, but I think how it interpreted it is still pretty cool and usable so I decided to include it. This pack includes 11 different profiles. Here are the profiles included and the naming conventions: 



  • DHSONIC Clean - Prosonic clean (no pedals)
  • DHSONIC Clean 2 - Captured the amp more distorted then turned the gain knob down on the kemper and saved. The result is a clean tone similar to DHSONIC Clean, but breaks up slightly different
  • DHSONIC Dirty 1 - volume on amp gained up, added drive on kemper.
  • DHSONIC Dirty 2 - amp gained up more, no kemper drive.
  • DHSONIC K1 - Kilt v1
  • DHSONIC K1C - Kilt v1, TonePress compression
  • DHSONIC K1B - Kilt v1, Boost on
  • DHSONIC K1BC - Kilt v1, Boost on, TonePress compression
  • DHSONIC K2 - Kilt v2 (higher gain than Kilt v1)
  • DHSONIC K2P - Kilt v2, blended with Plasma Fuzz
  • DHSONIC LS - Lightspeed



As far as the built in Kemper effects go - I have dailed in some compression, drives, delay, and reverbs in the 8 availible effects slots for you to use and tweak if you run the Kemper exlusively without any other effects.


I have dialed in the compression setting in the first effect slot to act as an optional "master compressor / limiter" to add a bit more amp like compression as an option when running my pedalboard into the Kempers. If you use the kemper without external effects or compression, I recommend tweaking the compression settings to your liking as you might find the settings on the mild side. 


I left all of EQ on these profiles flat - but don't be afraid to tweak them to your guitar, rig, and ear! 


NOTE: All Kemper packs include both ".kipr" and ".krig" extensions for maximum compatibility. They are the same profiles - just different file extension names. If you are having issues loading one version into your Kemper or Rig Manager, try the other one and it should work.


IMPORTANT WHEN RUNNING TWO KEMPERS IN STEREO: In order to make sure that there are no phasing issues when running two kempers/profiles together in stereo, you need to enable "constant latency" on page 4 of the system menu. That will ensure the kempers in sync with each other. If constant latency is not turned on, you will have some phase cancellation and comb filtering happening.